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About Us

Kuzeh Pottery creates artistic and functional pottery like no other. Owners and artists Pegah Shahghasemi and Lisa Ramber imbue their pottery with an exceptional range of talents and experiences.
Pegah, who started her career as a graphic designer, blends influences from her Persian culture with commercial design skills for pottery that echoes traditional eastern patterns combined with clean, modern lines.
Lisa’s pottery showcases her skills with color and composition, learned while earning a fine arts degree in painting, with influences from the animal kingdom and her years living in the Mediterranean area, and throughout the U.S.
Pegah’s and Lisa’s individual personalities and talents dynamically complement each other to make the KUZEH Pottery line an inimitable mix of functionality, beauty and a little whimsy.
This distinctive line has become a well known favorite for pottery that brings warmth to Washington area homes and businesses.

Pottery Care and Use

Our pieces are made to be enjoyed in the kitchen and around the home. They are food, microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe (up to 450˚F). 
However, pieces with gold luster should only be used for dry-food and cannot be put in these appliances.  
We recommend avoiding direct heat from a flame broiler or stovetop. Shocking from one temperature to another may also be harmful for the pottery. 
To decrease the risk of shocking, preheat the piece with the oven if cold from the refrigerator/freezer or let it come up to room temperature before putting it in a microwave. 
Considerations for temperature shocking should also be made during clean up. To avoid shocking, allow your dish to reach room temperature before washing with cold water.

Handmade Marks

Minor imperfections and marks made by the handmade process are occasionally visible, adding to the beauty and individuality of the pottery.  
Distinctions and variations can occur in glaze color, clay body color, texture, and finish. Each piece that passes from our studio to your hands is carefully inspected for any flaws that occur outside of these expected irregularities.

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